Position Descriptions

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Time Commitment: @ 2-4 hours per week

Busiest Times of Year: Busiest at the beginning of the year but lessens soon; additional special projects as desired

·         Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTA;

·         Act as liaison between parents and principal and staff;

·         Create agenda and facilitate monthly PTA meetings;

·         Create agenda and facilitate PTA board meetings;

·         Write a PTA Newsletter for the school community; unless there is a dedicated Newsletter position created for a parent to do so during the academic year;

·         Create school calendar and budget with Principal and PTA Board Members in April; and

·         Speak at Back to School Night and other events


Vice President

Time Commitment: varies

Busiest Times of Year: Early in school year and in late Spring

·         Assists current PTA President when needed;

·         Act as liaison between parents/staff;

·         Create agenda and facilitate monthly PTA meetings in absence of the President; and

·         Create agenda and facilitate about PTA board meetings in absence of the President;



Time Commitment: 20 - 30 hours per year

Busiest Times of Year: Following each PTA meeting

·         Take minutes at PTA meetings. Forward to president for review, and then submit minutes for inclusion on website and on bulletin boards;

·         Make copies of the minutes for the next PTA meeting so they can be approved by the membership; and

·         Handle all postal mail/correspondence for PTA; including thank-you cards.



Time Commitment: 100 hours per year, including attending PTA meetings. Tax return (done by hand) takes about 4 hours.

Busiest Times of Year: Beginning of the year due to learning curve; some early Spring work getting budget ready for Fall

·         With the president and Board, generate the PTA budget;

·         Prepare the annual tax return;

·         Inform committees of budgeted funds;

·         Pay bills and reimbursements as required;

·         Oversee ongoing PTA finances, ensure adherence to approved PTA budget and IRS regulations; and

·         Prepare and present budget report for each PTA meeting as well as for next school year.


Time Commitment: 2 hours per week; oversees the recruiting of members throughout the school year

Busiest Times of Year: At the beginning of the school year; active at all school events

·         Keeping member records, distributing membership cards and ensuring that LGPS is in good standing with the Virginia PTA; and

·         Compile the PTA Student Directory and distribute it to the membership.


Volunteer Committee Chair

Time Commitment:  10-20 hours monthly

Busiest Times of Year: Active from August, to prepare for the new school year, and winds down in June; majority of the work is done at home with approximately 25% at school

·         Responsible for building a data pool of parent volunteers; and

·         Securing volunteers for school events throughout the school year;

·         Select the volunteers of the month from the nominations;  and

·         Tabulate volunteer hours, maintain paperwork and databases.


Communications (Newsletter, Bulletin Boards & Webpage) Chair

Time Commitment: about 1 hour per week

Busiest Times of Year: On-going

·         Organize and disburse a monthly PTA Newsletter with information on PTA happenings; this can be done electronically via the PTA email. Newsletter needs approval of the PTA President prior to disbursement.  Duties include gathering and writing articles, publicizing upcoming PTA and school events and newsletter layout;

·         Keep the PTA Bulletin Board in front hallway of the school up to date, to reflect goings-on for PTA events, meeting minutes, etc.;

·         Update the fliers on the PTA Bulletin Board; and

·         Hang signs for various events throughout the school if needed


Fundraising Committee

Time Commitment: 2 hours per week; much more during peak times

Busiest Times of Year: Around our two major fundraisers: Fall catalog sale and Spring Fundraiser

·         Coordinate, organize and oversee all Fundraising events. Dates should be communicated with PTA Board on a regular basis;

·         Recruit and support committee chairs for key fund-raising events;

·         Act as liaison between parents and principal/staff; and

·         Continue to monitor success of fund-raisers and to recommend changes to fund raising objectives and strategies throughout the year.


Popcorn Committee Chair

Time Commitment: 5 hours per month

Busiest Times of Year: On-going

·         Pop popcorn and distribute to classrooms the last Friday of each month

·         Maintain equipment and supplies for popcorn activities

Cash for Cardinals

Locust Grove Primary’s PTA takes part in many activities that earn money to support our programs without spending money.  Activities such as saving Campbell labels and linking up your grocery/store cards, YOU are contributing FREE MONEY! (BoxTops for Education is a separate program not included with this position)

Time Commitment: About 20 – 30 hours per year

Busiest Times of Year: varies

·         Coordinate the Coca-Cola, Campbell Soup, Labels for Education and Tyson A+ programs for our school.  Chairperson sets dates for the events;

·         Send out information on each program to parents and the PTA email  and PTA newsletter;

·         Coordinate 2 contests each academic year; holding a pizza party or some other recognition for the Class that wins the contest each time;

·         Post winners of contests via the PTA newsletter and email.


Reflections Committee

Time Commitment: varies

Busiest Time of Year: Fall

·         Promote and coordinate PTA Reflections and ensure entries are forwarded to judging committee.


Family Fun Night

Time Commitment: 5 hours per month

Busiest Time of Year: Ongoing

·         Plan and coordinate Family Fun nights throughout the year to bring families together at LGPS.

·         Can be split among a group of people.